Our Red Worms and Worm Castings can be ordered on line in limited quantities. Please click the Store button to visit our on-line store.
Our Red Worms, Worm Castings, Organic Compost, and Amended Top Soil are all available through direct order at the rates shown below. Please contact us by phone or e-mail to order and arrange for delivery or shipping. To avoid shipping costs, you can stop by our ranch and pick up your order.

Red Worms

Per pound, any quantity: $40 (plus shipping); $40 (ranch pickup)

OMRI Listed® Worm Castings — Unscreened Only:

OMRI Listed® Organic Compost:

OMRI Listed® Organic Compost with Blends:

Note:  Organic compost can be blended at different percentages with OMRI approved products.  Most clients prefer a 10 percent blend. Call us for details.

Amended Topsoil — Screened Only (Topsoil amended with our OMRI Listed® Organic Compost)

Amended Topsoil with 10% Worm Castings — Screened Only (Topsoil amended with our unscreened OMRI Listed® Organic Compost AND Worm Castings):

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Order Direct By Phone: 619-339-1963 or E-mail.