Our worm castings (vermicompost) are an outstanding, cost-effective, odorless, environmentally friendly soil amendment for all crops and plants. Here are a few of their many benefits:
Our vermicompost is approved for use on certified organic crops by the Organic Materials Review Institute according to the USDA National Organic Program Rule.

OMRI Listed products may be used on operations that are certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program.

To maintain OMRI approval of our worm castings, we maintain high temperatures (between 131º F and 170º F) for at least three consecutive days in the compost we feed to our worms, which assures that pathogens such as Salmonella and E. coli bacteria are reduced to safe levels.

When you use our vermicompost for your plants, garden, crops, or landscape, you are using a product that meets high quality standards for being a safe and non-toxic soil amendment.

Worm castings are the excrement of worms. Because the castings are difficult to completely separate from the surrounding organic compost we feed the worms, the term vermicompost is more accurate for refering to the mixture we offer as a soil amendment. The natural heating process the compost undergoes (we follow strict OMRI regulations), eliminates the danger of pathogens or unwanted seeds and weeds. Additionally, as worms eat the organic compost, they convert it into a much better material, which assists plants in assimilating available supportive elements in the soil.

It takes approximately six months for the worms to produce vermicompost. Once we have compost, we harvest and sun dry it. The moisture content is based on our customer specifications. Most customers like to get vermicompost that is about 40 percent moisture. That way, the compost still has a lot of baby worms and eggs that soon will hatch and continue to produce more castings.

Vermicompost is a peat-like material with excellent structure, porosity, aeration, drainage, and moisture-holding capacity. It is an amazingly complete and effective asset to the soil. With consistent long-term use, our vermicompost improves physical, chemical, and biological properties of the soil. These benefits are available immediately when you mix our vermicompost into the soil.

Reduces the need for watering. Vermicompost increases available moisture in the soil. Mucus secreted from the intestinal wall of the worms assists in maintaining a proper moisture balance in the soil. It enables the soil to absorb water from the air, improves the water holding capacity of the soil, increases the soil’s rate of water absorption as well as the duration of time moisture can be stored, and also prevents water logging. All this helps your plants to use water more effectively.

Enhances beneficial aspects of the soil. As worms consume organic matter, 90 to 95 percent is excreted as castings that are mixed with the mucus secretion from their intestinal wall. The material contained in these secretions assists in making other beneficial aspects of the castings and soil more available to plants.

Rich in water-soluble supportive elements. Worm castings are rich in water-soluble supportive elements which are immediately available to plants. Castings are typically five times higher in available nitrogen, seven times higher in available phosphates, and eleven times higher in available potash than the upper six inches of soil. Worm castings contain two to five times more organic matter and exchangeable cations than soil.

A renewable resource. Vermicompost contains worm eggs and immature worms that will grow to produce more castings and more worms. It is a life-promoting substance that is vital to healthy growing and is a great investment in your soil.

Easy to use. Simply mix our vermicompost with your soil in a ratio of 4 parts soil to 1 part castings (Studies at Cornell University indicate that 20% castings is optimal). For ratios suitable for specific crops, please view our application chart.

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